Real-time analytics increase early discharges
Learn how Hartford Hospital increased early 11 a.m. discharge from 9.5 percent to 25.6 percent.


Business Intelligence

Data. Analytics. Action.

Whether it involves quality reporting to CMS or the Joint Commission, achieving Meaningful Use or delivering accountable care—it’s all about the data. High-performance hospitals and health systems build their identities on analytics to succeed in finance, operations, regulatory compliance and clinical care.
In Collaboration with Cleveland Clinic
Harris brings a depth of experience with its business intelligence dashboards born out of our affiliation with Cleveland Clinic and their fifteen year legacy of alignment and accountability through Business Intelligence (BI).  A team of medical, operational and finance leaders from the Clinic developed a series of BI dashboards to comprehensively drive performance throughout the institution, and the Clinic continues to drive significant ROI and performance improvement, achieving results such as >100,000 Appointment Slots Added, >75% Decrease in Appointment Wait Time, >$10 Million Increase in Net Income.

Harris is building on that legacy by acquiring the exclusive license rights to market, commercialize, and partner with the Clinic for continued development of BI dashboards that cover a diverse range of disciplines including, but not limited to quality performance improvement, access, cost and revenue, integrated disciplines, operation room, and special purpose (influenza, pathology, pediatrics). 
Alignment and Accountability
Traditional approaches to BI start with time-consuming and costly investment in data warehousing. A very high percentage of these implementations fail because they do not address the critical factor of success: governance. Harris’s unique approach driven by C-suite strategy and engagement, is quickly implemented, easy to use and drives strategically relevant results in sustained performance improvement. Harris can provide all services required for implementation, or we can work as a complementary fit with existing health system resources, providing consulting and training as needed.   
In collaboration with our strategic partners, Harris is on a mission to transform healthcare.
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